The Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design
2013 Jury
Anita Berrizebeitia
Professor of Landscape Architecture, GSD
Joan Busquets
Martin Bucksbaum Professor in Practice of Urban Planning and Design, GSD
Rahul Mehrotra
Green Prize Jury Chair and Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design, GSD
Gary Hilderbrand
Adjunct Professor of Landscape Architecture, GSD
Michael Sorkin
Distinguished Professor of Architecture Director of the Graduate Program in Urban Design at the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture
The history of the prize

The prize is awarded biennially to recognize exemplary urban design projects. Projects must be more than one building or an open space built anywhere in the world within the last ten years that makes a positive contribution to the public realm of a city and improves the quality of urban life in that context. The project must also demonstrate a humane and worthwhile direction for the design of urban environments.

“Since its inception in 1986, the Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design has become an important aspect of our School's life. It is in fact one of the few opportunities we have left, institutionally speaking, to pause for a moment and take a good hard look at what's
going on out there in the world, to take stock of how problems of urban design are being formulated and tackled, and what practices seem to be more successful than others. In a corollary fashion, the prize also allows the School to define itself, especially with respect to those essential values it holds dear.”

— Peter G. Rowe, Raymond Garbe Professor of Architecture and Urban Design and Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor

Site Credits
Graduate School of Design
  • Mohsen Mostafavi, Dean, Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design
  • Pat Roberts, Executive Dean
  • Rahul Mehrotra, Professor of Urban Design and Planning, Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design
  • Beth Kramer, Associate Dean for Development
  • Benjamin Prosky, Assistant Dean of Communications
Content Team
  • Dan Borelli, Director of Exhibitions
  • Maggie Janik, Multimedia Specialist
  • Ronee Saroff, Content Manager
  • Melissa Vaughn, Director of Publications
  • James Whitten, MAUD '13
  • David Zimmerman-Stuart, Exhibitions Coordinator
  • Eduardo Souto de Moura
  • Adriano Pimenta
  • Joana Corrêa
  • António Queiróz
  • Alcaldía de Medellin/Medellín City Mayor
  • Mayor Anibal Gaviria Correa
  • EDU—Empresa de Desarro Urbno de Medellín/Urban Development Enterprise of Medellín
  • EDU CEO—Margarita María Angel Bernal, General Manager
  • Leison Romaña, Communication Director
  • John Octavio Ortiz, Design Workshop Director
  • Juan Andrés Muñoz Airey, New Businesses
  • Julian Esteban Gómez C., Architect
  • Oscar Montoya Gonzalez, Architect
  • Giovanni Andrés Marín Silva, Architect
  • Laura Mesa Tamayo, Publicist
  • Collaboration:
  • Urbam—Center for Urban and Environmental Studies, EAFIT University
  • Alejandro Echeverri Restrepo, Architect
  • Natalia Castaño Cárdenas, Architect
  • Gabriel Duque Quintero, Architect
  • Simon Abad Lombana, Architecture student
  • Julián Esteban Gómez C.
  • Ricardo Mejía
  • Courtesy EDU
The Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design